PISANEC TOUR DESIGN COMPANY LTD is family based tour operator, specialized for group tours, with more than 25 years of experience in the travel industry. We are specialized in Central Europe and Balkan countries, however, we also organize a lot of tours to other European destinations, mainly to North Europe, from Iceland to Scandinavia.

With over 2000 successful tours, we have built dedicated relationships with reputable travel industry suppliers, and this enables us to offer a superior product at reasonable prices.

Our staff is highly trained with decades of working experience in tourism, and we are here to meet all your needs and prepare you the best, tailor made tours.

The company was established in 1991 by Franc Pisanec, prof. of geography and history. Later joined him two of his three daughters: Darja Pisanec, M.A. in tourism and Jasna Pisanec Ropret, B.A. in geography. Both, Franc and Jasna have also many years of experience in working as tour guides, so they know exact needs and wishes of clients during the tour.

Slowly, company grew and we got more members working in office and on field. We have the team of regular, highly educated and licensed tour guides, who were very carefully chosen.
All our guides are enthusiastic and completely dedicated to guiding and they are an important bonus to all our tours .

Our fully customized itineraries ensure creative and quality planning to suit any age group or area of interest.

Enjoy and explore Europe with us…


About Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka is a town in Slovenia. It is the economic, cultural, educational, and administrative centre of the Municipality of Škofja Loka in Upper Carniola. It has about 12,000 inhabitants.
Škofja Loka lies at an elevation of 354 metres at the confluence of the Poljane Sora and the Selca Sora rivers, at the transition of the Sora Plain into the Škofja Loka Hills and the Polhov Gradec Hills. Its old centre stands on river terraces,
andcomprises    Town Square (Plac) and Lower Square (Lontrg). On a plateau above the town stands Loka Castle, which houses the Loka Museum. Above the castle rises Krancelj Hill (475 metres or 1,558 feet). North of the town centre is Kamnitni Hill (414 metres   high), known for its conglomerate rock. Immediately south of the town is a plain known as Viršk or Viršk Plain (Slovene: Virško polje), which the Poljane Sora flows through before joining the Selca Sora. The name Viršk is a corruption; of  German Hirsacker ‘millet field’, named for the millet that was grown there in the past.
Škofja Loka was mentioned in 973 as Lonca (referring to Stara Loka) (and as Lonka in 1160, Lok in 1192–97, Scofolotti in 1293, and Scofioloco in 1295, among other names). The name literally means ‘bishop’s (wet) meadow’, referring to its ownership  by the Bishops of Freising.


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